In Petra 

Anchor in what you know.  What do we absolutely know?  1. We know the budget was approved on 3-31-21. That’s a fact.  2. We know that the new budget hasn’t been entered in the gazette.  3. Has the rate change been shown on the CBI?  No.  4.  Are there billions on the sidelines … private investors and companies waiting to enter into Iraq? Yes. IMO the frustration of folks comes when trying to figure out a date.  Can anyone influence the launch of the reforms or influence the date of the reinstatement in the public realm? No…They cannot survive at the current program rate. Nor will it come out at the program rate because the math just doesn’t work. Anchor in what we do know – that they have told us it is coming.  We just don’t know when.  Stay the course.  Anchor in know that it is coming and relax.  You’re not going to miss it.

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