Philip Tilton

“Confidential Report” – Philip Tilton Intel Update 2-10-19

2/11/2019 08:32:00 PM  Intel, Update

Philip Tilton:

1. Update on the implementation of the Quantum Financial System (Exchange Group Report):

The following information refers to the status of the implementation of the Quantum Financial System (“QFS”) and the release of the world’s gold currency (“GBC”).

A) The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reports that the US Armed Forces, along with the Chinese and Russians, have taken over all Global Accounts and the Vatican and Federal Reserve accounts to effectively initiate the activation of the Global Currency Reset “GCR”). Apparently, Trump had planned to make this announcement in his State of the Union address and also that the world was now operating on the gold standard. Two things prevented it from being announced:

(1) there were many threats from Kabbalah and

(2) the British and French branches of the Rothschild family are trying to negotiate an orderly transfer of world financial power (according to CIA sources). In Asia).

The Rothschilds and other households that own the G7 private central banks expect to shift their control of the “here and now” money (ATMS), financial computers and international transfer systems in exchange for some real assets. — as the rights to some of the historical Asian gold. This offer was made to the Vatican, Fed, Jesuits, etc. to accept the offer or suffer the consequences. This situation must be resolved this weekend.

The first part of this process will involve the payment of first-line account holders and certain key sovereigns who will be virtually paid to get out of the way and stop interfering or delaying the Global Readjustment.

B) When Trump met with Queen Elizabeth II, he gave her up until February 15, 2019 to control the turnover of Warranty Accounts and explained to her that the central banking system would be replaced by QFS. This was one of the reasons that Trump agreed to the temporary funding of the US government until February 15, 2019.

He also needed to fund the courts to establish the military courts that began officially on January 28, 2019. At this time they are holding judgments for mid-level offenders in trafficking in human beings. John Brennan has been caught and is being interrogated at GITMO. Barack Obama was also questioned at GITMO, and this led George Soros to be arrested at his compound in Switzerland on February 3, 2019. He is now being questioned in Switzerland.

C), who was involved in a WikiLeaks file release related to Hillary Clinton’s private server and the PizzaGate scandal. has sent a text message saying that this weekend (9/11 February) will launch a “data dump” involving September 11, Fukushima, False Flags, Clinton Foundation, financial system control, bribes and rewards in all the major governments around the world, etc.

D) This step will allow the release of GBC funds with the new QFS. As we are working with Final End Buyer, our Zim files will be the first processed for the public. We will be notified 48 hours before this happens. According to the schedule mentioned above, it is considered that the Exchanger will start making calls to Zim vendors around 2-15. The largest files are the first. Each file is assigned to a team by Exchanger, who will work with the seller on the navigation through the currency exchange process.

2. Fraudulent low-income buyers: We have been told again that there are several groups in Colombia that are going through zim buyers. They are not Sponsored Buyers and are trying to buy Zim with the requirement that Sellers put the Buyer’s name on the SKR – obviously this is not acceptable. Also, no sponsored low buyer can buy any Zim now. “Unpatented” Buyers will be barred from selling any Zim purchased from any other person and will be picked up by the authorities when they attempt to do so.

Generally, your contracts are poorly written, do not contain terms and conditions and do not outline the type of currency to be used or where the funds come from. If you attempt any lower end selling, always have your lawyer go with the Buyer to the Buyer’s bank and receive a “Draft Sheet” such as POF. Some of these buyers refer to themselves as “Asset Managers,” which is just a name used by someone who is trying to gain control of their asset and sell it to a real buyer.

3. Filing Files: Ensure that all requested documents have been submitted so that the “closing process” is not delayed when the seller is called by the Exchanger team.

4. Terms and Conditions: We do not see major changes in our original procedures and announcements, except that the initial payment to Seller will be 10% of the first installment