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Charles Ward:  Jun 30, 2020

Nesara for America and Gesara for the world!

Charles Ward: We are about to go into this Global Financial Reset that I have been predicting for the last 14 weeks. I was told in Dec. of last year that it’s going to happen and this is why I believe it.  A guy that told me is very high up in American standings over there.

He told me that they are going to collapse the World’s economy and have a Global Financial Reset.

Everything he told me so far has happened. I am very confident and have no doubts.

Pimpy: I can tell you that in my research…I deal with gold and silver, foreign currencies, Nesara/Gesara, and even though these are separate communities…..they suddenly are now overlapping and all are pointing to a Global Currency Reset. In order to reset- you have to collapse the existing system.

Charles Ward:  They have collapsed the world’s economy in no time at all under the guise of Covid 19, 5G and  riots . I was talking to someone in New York last night who mentioned all the fireworks going off every night…..almost like it was a distraction. I think it has become very clear that something is going to happen over the next 7 to 10 days. There is a lot of things going on behind the scenes.

Charles Ward: I’m not saying it will be a global financial reset over the next 7-10 days…but I hope so….they may do a test run first to see how the deep state reacts. My feeling is when they do something that the internet will go down, the TV will go down.

Pimpy: I pay attention to Kitco experts for Gold and silver and they have this feeling and are expecting a reset on Gold and Silver on price. IMO this would be a good first step. This would be a great test run to see gold and silver reset, especially at the values they are talking about. And if we go back to the gold standard the prices will go up even more.

Pimpy: People ask me what Trump could do to get re-elected and I always say “The Global Currency Reset” and prosperity for everyone

Charles Ward Absolutely…..Trump has spent a lot of time draining the swamp, the swamp was incredibly dirty and I know more then I should talk about but I wish we could tell you how much of the swamp has already been drained and how much of the cabal has already been removed.

Pimpy: I don’t think people realize how many “officials” have already been arrested and removed from office. A lot of these have gone under the radar because the lying media won’t report it.

Charles Ward: If you ever want the truth you won’t find it on Main Stream Media…you have to go to people like us and many others to find out what is really going on.

Pimpy : That is why we have been so censored on social media

Charles Ward: Nesara/Gesara has already started…..we have no doubt.

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