In PinkRoses 


Hi to all who are still paying attention and waiting patiently for our blessing to come. Yesterday morning as I waited in the waiting room as my son had two procedures done hopefully to find an answer to his health issue, I selfishly wished this blessing had come prior to this day.

Then I could have afforded all the health care of the best in the world to find my son’s health problem. Yes it was selfish of me to wish for the blessing for my own family’s benefit.

Who am I to wish for something that is being given to my family and I and all of us holding currency especially Zim that is a gift. Yes a special gift that I am honored and feel privilege to receive. I pondered about what it means to receive a gift.

A gift is something given by someone without expecting anything in return. Is this blessing still a gift if we are expected to pay it forward? Yes it still is because we have free will to choose to do so or not. Just as we have free will to respond positively or negatively what we hear and read in Dinarland.

That free will can be used to benefit mankind or hurt others. Isn’t what many in Dinarland providing us as far as Intel, encouragement, websites for us to receive such information, conference calls that are open to all, etc. These are gifts to us also in Dinarland. Since they are gifts to us, shouldn’t we receive them with thankfulness and gratitude?

Each time we click on our device whether it’s our phone, tablet, iPod, laptop, computer, we all have free will to choose where we go to receive information that keeps us in this world of Dinarland.

Do we thank all that are providing such information? Honestly I stop and think of the hours, sleepless hours, the time, work, effort beyond most of our comprehension that all the providers put in for you and I. Transcribing one conference call twice a week now yes is work. Tiring? Yes. Effort? Yes.

Sometimes do I wish the 800 numbers come out before 9pm that day so I do not have to transcribe? Yes. Then I feel I am being heartless and selfish just thinking of that because it is the least I can do for Dinarland.

I stop and think how Bruce, Yosef, Showme, RayRen, Frank, Tank, Gary, Willie, Okie, Phillip, Mike, Dr WC, Zap, and others who put forth so much for you and I.

Don’t forget Patrick providing Dinar Chronicles, and other websites as Dinar Recaps, DinarGuru, TNTShowtime, the Wolf Den, The Big Call, and others that give you and I places to click on to gain information to keep our faith and hope going.

Too there are all the people that are on all their teams to provide information for Dinarland, for you and I that are behind the scenes working day and night. Think of their families. The time these giving people give to us away from their loved ones is enormous.

Thank you to the wives, husbands, children for sharing your loved one with us. Also, there are many others working behind the scenes that are nameless. Thank you. Thank you to all of these hard working Dinarland people that give so much of themselves.

All these people mentioned above and others who do so much for us out of their own free will choose to do so. They do it out of love and care for you and I and have the hope that soon we will pay it forward to others in need.

Will we respond with love, eagerness, zeal, and appreciation given this opportunity of a lifetime? This gift bestowed on you and I is just the beginning of a road of paying it forward. It would be very sad to start our new journey on this gift on a road laden with anger, negativeness, lack of appreciation in our hearts and minds.

Too it is being selfish to wish it was today, yesterday for our own benefit. We are not in control of when and how this gift is given. We have no rights to demand, expect this to be given in our time or our way. It is not belong to us to give it out.

We are humble recipients of this gift. How we act now during this waiting period shows others how we may act after we receive this gift. I surely do not wish to work alongside anyone who is not showing love and care to others now, and I don’t believe you wish to also.

Cheers to all of you out there with good kind loving hearts just waiting for the Go signal to receive this blessing and pay it forward in whatever way God’s will is for you to do so. I get such joy just thinking how exciting it will be to put all our humanitarian projects in action.

There will be such joy and light shining worldwide all around. The smiles on faces, oh my gosh, can you see all the smiles on people’s faces to reap the results of this blessing we will have such honor to share in? So many need our help as many in the disaster zone of Hurricane Harvey and other disaster places.

This waiting time is a time of refining ourselves to be better givers to others from our hearts and ponder how we will fulfill whatever humanitarian efforts we are planning to do.

Thank you to all the Intel providers, conference calls in Dinarland, website providers, the PTB behind this, the Chinese Elders, Grandfather, Grandmother, and all the rest of the hard working people who we dont know for allowing all of us to be part of this beautiful blessing.

When any selfish, negative thought starts to come up in my mind during this waiting period, I remind myself this is a gift. It humbles me and keeps be focused in a positive way.

Things are positive. The RV has started we have been told. It just hasn’t reached us yet. Soon you and I will be exchanging or currencies and/or redeeming our ZIM in this once in a lifetime blessing.

This is a gift that has been given to you and I in which we all have free will to choose how we will receive this gift. Now is the time we are showing others how you plan on receiving this gift by your words and actions. May all of our actions and words be out of love for others now and in the future.

Only loving and giving to others brings true joy in one’s life. Keep believing, having faith and keep the hope. Whatever God’s will is for you to achieve, may you be blessed to do so in bestowing the results of this blessing on others. Thank you from my heart to yours.

Light, Love and Hugs,