Randy Koonce

  In Randy Koonce 

All the ‘gurus’ have watched since the first of the year for the RV to happen. What we have all learned is that the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar has become the biggest political football in history. And that is why we are still waiting.  However, it appears that the time has come for Abadi to finally step up to the plate.

Based on information I am receiving, we believe that the RV will (should) take place within the next 2 weeks. Great pressure is being brought to bear to make this happen. Everyone – including the people who can make this happen – are tired of waiting for this to happen. And ‘they’ are pushing. So. We are in a 2 week window. Right now.

There is a very real reason why the RV has not happened years ago. So, some history…One of the things that we learned was the fact that Obama was never going to let it happen as long as he was president. We learned that half of Obama’s cabinet wanted to release the RV and the other half agreed with Valerie Jarrett, who did not want anyone in the US to participate in this blessing.

So, between Maliki’s regime and Valarie Jarrett’s influence over Obama, the previous eight years were a total waste of time from the RV standpoint. Now that Trump is in office, he very much wants this done, but does not want Iran to benefit.

President Trump is working hard to get this done, because he knows many of us are holding dinar, and wants to allow us to bless and grow the economy of the USA. You’ve probably heard the phrase…Make American Great Again?

In addition, it is being rumored that Abadi has been trying to solicit money from various countries, in return for Dinar. But, some of that money would go to him, and not Iraq. If true, this may be the reason Abadi has been dragging his feet on ‘pushing the button’. He could be wanting to make one last attempt to feather his own nest a little better.

However, not only the Trump administration but these other countries as well, are putting tremendous pressure on Abadi to get this done…Or Else!  …In the event that we do not see this finished in the next 2 weeks – don’t despair. They do not have to wait for another year.

This will get gone – this year.  …the best thing we have going right now is a Very. Determined. President. We are close…Every large bank will exchange…RELAX the RV is coming…Check www.cbi.iq every day to see if it has changed…Breathe.