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How are you makin it.  Well, once again, we have had another long pause since I last gave an update to everyone. But, we have just now had a window open up, giving us another opportunity to finish up this investment. We are all weary…and none of us ever thought it would be this long. Many have asked me if I had gotten out. The answer is: NO!! I have not sold my dinar. And I have not exchanged any dinar…I am writing this letter to let everyone know – we have another window opening up. And this time, it is my opinion that the window will remain open until . . . we are done. “At least, if ALL the political parties keep playing nice.” The story of this journey would make the greatest political thriller novel of all time!  This time, it looks like the HCL is nearly done. If you have been keeping up with the articles coming out recently, then you know that Iraq has been signaling that they are going to pay people. And in the last week, they have let us know that the census that has been finished recently is on employees who will get paid.   So what that means is.

Iraq is finally ready to be DONE!   The US and the IMF wanted them to get the borrowing law ready. The articles coming out have also been saying that this is done.  It appears that Iraq has now done what everyone wanted done, and there is nothing left to be done.  Except. . .The Rate. The date. With the Covid out there, there might be a few extra challenges in the exchange process, so be sure and call your bank, make an appointment, and ask them what their requirements are for coming in. All of the major banks will exchange for us, but it might take a bit of extra planning. Just stay calm. Be polite. Breathe…Do not give your dinar to anyone except a bank. Get professional advice…It has been a journey none of us ever expected, but we should all be grateful to have been included in it.  Check www.cbi.iq every day to see if it has changed.