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Iraqi protesters use “bulldozers” to demolish the homes of officials

The features of the worsening crisis in Iraq brought about by the popular demonstrations against the government and its political forces indicate that the procrastination by the power forces and their parties is fueling the factors of loss of confidence that already exist between the movement groups on the one hand, and the parties and armed factions holding on to power and who are adhering to the survival of the regime and being satisfied with formative changes, On the other hand.

And it became clear during the past few days, and through the names of the many personalities proposed by the authority to occupy the post of prime minister to succeed the resigned president under the pressure of the popular protests, Adel Abdul Mahdi, that the potential area of ​​understanding between the two sides, the movement and the powers of power, does not exist on the ground. The Harak movement, with every new candidate nominated by the authorities, quickly rejected it. Perhaps the songs that the Tahrir Square demonstrators (Friday evening) against the President of the Republic Barham Salih and Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi were among the strongest indications of the growing distrust between the two sides, and after the protesters turned a blind eye to the high officials during the last period and focused on Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi Before announcing his resignation, they came back and chanted the song (Barham and Halbousi … Jake the Secret), meaning that the role has come to overthrow you.

In continuation of the state of tension and mistrust between the authority and its security apparatus and the protesters in all governorates, (Friday) again, the security situation in the city of Nasiriyah, the southern city of Dhi Qar Governorate, erupted again, against the background of the assassination operation that targeted the activist Ali Muhammad Maktoof Al-Asmi. The city’s governorate witnessed yesterday, a high level of tension, which reflected on life in the city and led to the paralysis of the movement in it after the closure of all bridges linking both parts of it.

For the first time, the Nazareths used “bulldozers” to demolish the home of the former head of the security committee, Jabbar al-Musawi, after they had burned the headquarters of parties and officials. Activists confirmed that the demonstrators brought more than 5 bulldozers to the sit-in areas in preparation for the subsequent demolition operations that they will carry out against the party headquarters and the homes of the officials. The activist, Haider Al-Nashi, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the demonstrators in Nasiriyah had burned again “the headquarters of the Dawa Party and Asaib Ahl al-Haq and Dawa, as well as demolishing the Jabbar Al-Mousawi house with shovels (bulldozers).”

Al-Nashi says: “Jabbar Al-Musawi, the wanted man in Nasiriyah, was previously issued with a warrant issued against him on the grounds of accusing him, his protection personnel, and one of his sons of being involved in the killing of demonstrators.” He asserts that “the protesters announced and informed all the armed parties and factions that any new assassination that took place in the city will be followed by a massive campaign to demolish the homes of officials and parties, as they announced that they will target all the interests of the parties and financial militias in the province, such as markets (malls) and large investment projects.”

Al-Nashi expected, “The factions and armed militias will refrain from carrying out similar assassinations in the coming days, given the scale of the mass anger in Nasiriyah, which could lead to revenge on those factions, even outside the city of Nasiriyah.”

Returning to Baghdad, in a step and a new reaction from the movement groups to the procrastination by the government and its forces regarding the issue of the next prime minister and the overall reform path demanded by the protesters, the day before yesterday was issued a statement representing the views of a wide range of protesters, and put the number sequence (1) ) To indicate in reference to that spectrum and the broad direction of the movement groups.

The protesters opened their statement by saying: “While the Iraqi people awaits the political class as it maneuvers the protest movement over its true demands, we clearly point out that what is happening in these corridors of the class is never consistent with what the people and their protesting people have gone through for a decent life, and what has happened so far It clearly affirms the arbitrariness and non-seriousness of this class. The protesters announced in their statement that they “do not adopt any candidate for the position of interim or interim prime minister and everything that is circulated (by the government and its parties) so far is rejected and unacceptable from the sit-in squares.”

The protesters demanded the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, “an independent nomination for the position of interim prime minister to proceed with a mini transitional government that works for a maximum period of one year to secure fair and fair elections in accordance with the election law and a new commission.” The statement threatened “escalatory steps” in the event that the blocs insist on adopting a political figure for the prime minister, “his biography does not apply to the specifications of the rising street.”

While the statement did not reveal the nature of the escalatory steps that protesters will take in the coming days in the event of failure to respond to their demands, activist Mohammed Al-Rubaie confirms that “the movement in Baghdad is seriously considering, and in the event that the authorities and parties continue to stall, to form special teams (to combat permanence) and force official institutions To disrupt the movement of the government, as was done by the protesters in the governorates of Wasit and Dhi Qar.

“It is confirmed day after day that the authorities and their parties will not respond to any demand except through intense pressure. They are maneuvering in all security and political directions in the hope that the storm of protests that threaten their existence will pass,” he said. He continues: “The gangs of the Palestinian Authority and their militias have not stopped hurting the demonstrators and seeking to intimidate them. On Friday night, they detonated an explosive device in the nation’s garden to terrorize the protestors.” Source