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Abadi bloc united waiting for alliance with Sadr and Hakim

Denied the block «victory» led by Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Abadi signals to the beginning of disintegration, as revealed sources close to finalize the expected alliance with the bloc, «Sarun» led by Moqtada al-Sadr, while news of the understandings gathered the two main Kurdish parties, Law »led by Nuri al-Maliki, and« conquest »led by Hadi al-Ameri, under the auspices of Iran. Amidst Sunni and Kurdish forces’ pursuit of the role of a “tribal egg” in the struggle of the Shiite poles, the integrity of the elections has come to the fore with information on a proposal to cancel the elections abroad.

A spokesman for the Abadi bloc said that the news of its disintegration is baseless, stressing that «victory» is still coherent and engaged in internal dialogues, while a source close to the dialogues that Abadi and Sadr, in addition to the leader of the “wisdom” Ammar al-Hakim, After agreeing on its name, and that this bloc will attract different Sunni and Kurdish parties, to gather about 160 seats.

The largest bloc that the constitution requires the President of the Republic to choose her candidate for prime minister, about 165 seats representing half of the seats of parliament plus one, to ensure the passage of the government, while the alliance of Sadr and Abadi and Hakim so far about 116 seats, is expected to be added to the deputies of the block «decision» The leader of Khamis Khanjar arrived in Baghdad, and then to Najaf to meet with Sadr after years of work outside Iraq, in addition to the bloc, “national” led by Iyad Allawi, 20 seats.

On the other hand, the map of coalitions shows that the two Kurdish parties could join together with the Fatah alliance and the State of Law coalition, amid leaks about the possibility of al-Maliki’s gathering of 140 seats, in parallel to other leaks of Sunni parties joining him.

But the sources confirmed that the meeting, which was held yesterday between representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Baghdad, Maliki and al-Ameri, did not come out with a real agreement to announce the largest bloc, while the Kurdish parties seek to be «egg Alkban» in the competition for the largest bloc and the selection of the President The government, a strategy adopted by Sunni forces as well.

And reveals familiar with the dialogues that are taking place in the meantime between Baghdad and Najaf, Sadr and Abadi on the one hand, and Ameri and Maliki on the other, have received implicit or tentative approvals from the same forces during the last days to announce the largest bloc.

A day after the banner of the Sadr through Twitter, calling on his supporters not to pretend, and promised to stand in front of «sectarian challenges and corruption,» Hakim said that the alliance of the largest bloc must «be nationally in terms of form and content, and is an independent Iraqi decision, And a clear program to manage the country in the next phase ».

In the meantime, a committee formed by Abadi from the heads of the security services and financial auditing and integrity began its work to report on accusations of violations in the elections that took place on the 12th of last month, which included acts of fraud.

According to the information, the committee may submit proposals to cancel the elections abroad, which voted about 180 thousand voters, in addition to the abolition of stations in the conditional voting, which included the displaced. But passing a decision in this regard is linked to the Electoral Commission and the associated judicial committees, which may delay the ratification of the «Federal Court» on the election results, and thus delay the convening of the first session of Parliament, which must announce the largest bloc.

Speculation about the impact of the cancellation of the elections abroad varies in the election results, and is expected to make a slight change in the number of seats obtained by the main blocs.

(AFP), two explosive devices exploded yesterday evening, meters from the headquarters of the Communist Party in central Baghdad, according to a spokesman for the coalition «Saroon», which combines the Communists and Sadr, wounding three people. Source