In RAYREN98 

From the weekend update…Iraqi television showed troops celebrating privately, and there should be public celebrations today.

Military leaders are claiming there are only two miles left for Mosul to be fully liberated.

Today there are 1.5 districts left, supposedly, with a total of 1,000 terrorists in the old city.

These were supposedly ‘end of war’ celebrations.

The military is preparing for the last stand fight at the mosque, with 750 ISIL and 250 foreign fighters hunkered down.

It’s the final stage, and Iraq is still calling for ‘national reconciliation’ after Ramadan.

We await more information about the celebrations – if it’s just the end of war, or if there are other things.

They seem to have stretched out the celebrations.

There are rumors of lower denominations.

However, Iraq is telling the citizens that everything is being resolved at the end of Ramadan, which should be the 24th, although I’ve heard up to the 27th.

That is the expected time for the full public release and everything.

I believe some things may trickle out between now and then.