In RAYREN98 

We have all bases covered.

What do we have so far to have all bases loaded?

We have Iraq talking about this is the final victory week, with the final victory celebration upcoming.

Public celebrations already underway for the troops.

All the articles are referencing things in the past tense when it comes to liberation of Mosul, fighting, ISIS.

Ramadan is supposed to end on the 25th of June followed by EID (holiday).

It is believed Iraq will be celebrating before the end of Ramadan due to the liberation of Mosul.

What else to do we have?

The PM, his 3 country travel- Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

It is believed  that he is back already.

There’s already been articles that have come out about the agreement between Iran and Iraq on an International level or National level, if you want to call it that, using their currencies.

Hmm, what could that be about?

Could it be that all three are to eventually come out and say the same thing?

Then, match up rate wise.

Could that be the first sign of a mini GCR and the rest to unfold accordingly?

Time will tell.

Some are expectant of it…today, later this evening.

Some… tomorrow …a lot of scuttlebutt out there…bottom line is everybody is pushing somewhere in the vicinity of this week…we are looking pretty good folks.

We’re almost there.

[Should we put the champagne on ice?]

I would!