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From Iraq……..

  • Iraqi TV broadcasted the protesters giving the government until Friday to appoint a prime minister that they have picked or there will be a Million Man March on the green zone and that the protesters claim innocence and declare the decisions by Parliament to be illegal.
  • The protesters are still in streets saying “three more days” to the deadline on the government giving them the prime minister they chose and they declare innocence of Parliament and consider all Parliament decisions illegal.
  • Iranian TV is showing their Parliament voting to name the USA as a terrorist group and indicating that Iran’s foreign minister is going to expose names of Westerners who have taken bribes since the USA backed out of the deal.
  • Many legal activists on Iraqi TV saying what Parliament did was illegal and that a caretaker government cannot do such actions . Also, Iraqi TV broadcasts the USA preparing sanctions against them and the list starts with freezing all oil revenue through the USA.  They indicated that all USA companies would not do business with Iraq they will pull out and then the USA will shut down the daily currency auctions along with several others on list as well.
  • Iran flying their red flags of doom atop all of their mosques.
  • More USA troops are appearing and they are still guarding the green zone.
  • The Kurds say they are not concerned about Parliament’s vote on the troops leaving because it’s against the law, however, they will file a complaint with the federal court and block any move of the law.
  • Halbousi is saying that only the Shiites voted to expel the Americans, not the entire parliament.
  • An economist for Iraq says if the USA puts sanctions on Iraq that would mean famine for Iraq. The citizens are demonstrating “for” America in the streets….they don’t want sanctions and are saying Parliament does not represent them.

From the US…..

  • US exchange centers are contacting their staff to be prepared to be called in to work in the coming days, but we do not know of any staff being on location yet (contrary to other “intel”). smilesmile