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4:47 AM Yesterday

Iraqi TV is saying today is the day, or tomorrow, that Saleh will name the new Prime Minister. He has the power without approval of the blocs. We have not yet seen any name. On today’s news, the journalists that cover the protesters are complaining about being threatened daily by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq for covering protests .

We wait for name of the  Prime Minister, they said the agreement had been made in favor of the protesters and we also see a UN envoy in Baghdad calling on Iraq to implement the reforms right away.

7:37 AM
Iraqi TV has legal activists saying the budget will be given to the Finance Minister and he can present it to Parliament for voting and passage since the caretaker government is limited in what it can legally do. This is being voted on in Parliament to get done so the budget can be presented.

2:52 PM

Iraqi citizens are in the streets today regarding the slow pace of reforms and are very angry resulting to torching car tires.

27 high ranking officers of the military were arrested for embezzlement of four billion in salaries for Iraqi troops.

4:37 AM today’s news

Saleh announced postponement of nomination of next pm had meeting this morning with several key figures on agreement before travel.


On Iraqi TV, supreme religious leader Sistani is telling all his followers and offices not to attend or support Sadr demonstrations and Sistani is with the protesters and backs them and does not back Sadr who is again having demonstrations against USA troops.

Protesters saying they will have roadblocks that will cripple the country… they’re already blocking off south of Iraq from the rest of the country. All this is due to the government not meeting the citizens’ demands on selecting a Prime Minister.
They are bothered about the government flying out to meetings while ignoring the citizens and stating that the government will pay for this… they are stepping up the protests countrywide.

Later today

They are shooting at the demonstrators…. even chasing them in some parts today ….earlier in broad daylight. And they are saying it is the “Federal Police”