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Saturday reports:

  • The CBI staff members allegedly caught stealing money from the auctions and supporting Iranian factions.
  • Iraqi TV is broadcasting the scandal and that other countries are now concerned about Iran stealing resources from Iraq. Citizens are angry with the CBI.
  • Saleh is returning from Rome and will meet with blocs to announce the new Prime Minister.
  • Protestors are in the streets chanting that Sadr has betrayed them by his supporting of Iran.
  • Iraqi TV broadcasts that the new PM will announced on Sunday.
  • Parliament announces a short recess in order to get the budget passed, citing that the Prime Minister situation is resolved.
  • Iraqi TV alleging that past PM Mahdi is a key figure in the killings of the protestors.
  • 7 more protestors were recently killed bringing the total reported deaths to 600 since October 2019.
  • 4 private banks run by militia-controlled interests continue to use the dollar auctions to secure money for Iran.
  • The Qi card payment system was compromised with fake government employees receiving millions of dollars each month.