In Regal 

There seems to be some misconceptions in the guru community about Ramadan…

I lived overseas (Kuwait, Afghanistan) for many years…

Ramadan is a period of fasting and prayer that begins each morning at a predetermined hour and ends each evening at a predetermined hour.

Businesses support this practice by remaining closed during these hours which; customarily, is from just before sunrise to sunset.

However, the entire business markets (to include banks) will typically reopen each evening and is common for them to remain open for business as late as 11pm.

Yes; it is business as usual during these irregular hours throughout the business markets.

And yes…when I lived in Kuwait I’ve gone into the bank as late as 10 pm at night and performed banking transactions.

Governments are working…Bank officials are working…Grocery stores are open…

Everybody is working during Ramadan, only in the evenings.