Prime Minister’s Media Office

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Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi received in his office on Thursday the President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masum

During the meeting they congratulated the victories achieved by the heroic armed forces of the army and police federal and popular mobilisation and the Peshmerga forces stationed in the battlefield against the terrorist gangs of Daesh in Baiji, Anbar, and other areas and the importance of unifying efforts to meet the challenges facing the country in the political, security, economic and financial fields.

They also touched on the situation in the Kurdistan region and the importance of calm and invited political parties to resort to dialogue and constitutional and legal ways and preserve the lives of citizens and public property to resolve disputes.

Emphasis was placed on the support for and continuation of reforms and working for the eradication of corruption and the corrupt and the emphasis on the need to not obstruct them. In addition they discussed the situation in the region and the emphasis on not entering Iraq into political axes but rather to be aligned for Iraq and its people and the interests of its citizens.

They also discussed preparations for the liberation process of Mosul, and to create the appropriate atmosphere for it.