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The Quantum Computer did it again

When the Quantum Computer (QC) was let loose on the Central Bank Swift system of fund transfers, nobody saw it coming and when it showed up no one saw that it was there. It just silently began to interrupt the Swift transfers by intercepting the transfer and redirected them to the target bank account.

The transfers were lightning fast, the transfers completely by-passed all bank trading accounts which stopped bankers from using your transfer funds to do their overnight trading. This was not good for the banks.

The Swift Transfer system was designed to correlate the many different bank computer systems to accommodate the interbank transfers, It was a major success.

The Swift engineers programmed the system to take the funds and transfer them to bank trading accounts within each banking system so that they could participate in the overnight trading protocol that was a major source of funds for the banks.

Once the funds left one Banking National Association, it would move on to the next banking system where the funds were to be deposited, but again, they were redirected to a bank trading account before it was reflected in the target account.

Do you wonder why the transfers take so long? Bankers love to use the word “Pending.” It was in their bank but was in the trading account making the bank profits before it was available in the target account.

This QC was taking away from the bank profits. This profit center was intentionally programmed into the Swift system so banks could make a huge profit by using these unauthorized Fiat funds for their own purpose. It is estimated that 86% of the bank profits were lost due to this maneuver by the QC. It was all legal because the QC was just completing what the owners of the funds had intended.

Was there anything the bankers could do about this? NO! For the longest time, they had no idea what was happening. The QC did this undetected. There was a lot of finger-pointing in the IT departments of the Banks as they saw their profits diminish down to nothing from this once very profitable but unethical use of other people’s funds.

To save face, the Alliance let the Banks advertise that they are now integrated into the Quantum Financial System. The problem is, it is only a one-way street with no possibilities for profit. Now the ‘Poor” bankers are getting poorer and poorer thanks to the Quantum Computer. The Banks wanted the public to think they are an integral part of the QFS. They are not

Why are you saying this again, Ron, you’ve said it many times before in your posts?

Well, let’s take a look at a new application of the huge capacity of the QC. It is not only the basis of the QFS, it is also the mainframe of the new Quantum Voting System. Now get a load of this…Charlie Ward has introduced the idea of a Quantum Voting System. Everyone wanted it to be used to secure our elections this year but somehow we never heard about its use, till now.

Sydney Powell talked about releasing the Kraken. The Kraken is a CIA program. Could it be that the Quantum Computer is the 5th-dimensional version of the Kraken – a Quantum Kraken program to secure our elections?

The QC can penetrate any computer system in the world electronically. This includes every City, County, and State election computer system, not only here in the USA, but every electronic election system in the world. Its snooping around is undetected. The vote fraudsters thought they were free to do their thing. Now we got the goods on them and it is not good for them.

Could it be that the QC detected fraud in every action where the computer system was in play? It knows who the voter is and if the voter did indeed vote more than once. Were thousands of dead people resurrected to vote in this election? It would seem so. But the QC detected the fraud time and time again.

The veracity of the QC has not yet been established in a court of law, so how can they use this QC to find the fraud and have it upheld? When you know where to look for fraud, you can eliminate hours of viewing videos when the QC can tell law enforcement where to look for the fraud and find it on the videos. It releases a time-stamp of where the fraud took place and who was involved. Videos are part of a computer network – open to the QC to investigate, and IT DID. The QC got it all. It recorded all the fraud in real-time, like the Akashic record. It records the info forever.

This is really unfair to the bad guys because they never saw it coming, never knew it existed. Their arrogance let them think they were in the clear. They should have held real rallies, instead of trying to con the voters with fake mail-in ballots and other counting schemes.

When it all comes out, and it will come out, this is a game-changer for anyone who thinks that breaking the law is a way to win an election. Not on God’s watch. Not anymore.

The Quantum Computer is a major tool for the Golden age of Mankind. We have not seen all the applications that this massive 5th Dimension creation can do. Times, they are a-changing and we get to be a part of it all. Heaven is coming to the Earth in answer to our prayers. God Won.

Ron Giles (Check out the new RSS PowerPoint Presentation.)