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Demise of the SWIFT Transfer System

The Quantum Computer (QC) has effectively shut down the SWIFT system’s source of profits for the banks due to its interfering in the transfers.

For years now, the QC has taken the transfers and put the funds into the receiving bank account for which it was intended. This little interference robbed the banks from transferring these funds to bank trading accounts before moving them on to the intended account.

The bank trading accounts are where they store the money while the bank makes money doing trades with other banks. It never leaves the bank trading account for the trades, they just ping it for the trade. Once a time period of trading is complete, it is then that they send the money on to the target account.

This little maneuver by the QC has basically defunded the banks and cost them 87% of their total annual profits. That is why the SWIFT system has been shut down, not by the QFS, but by the banks themselves.

It doesn’t do what it was designed to do for banks to make profits on transfers of funds so they just simply stopped using it. The QFS has let the banks use the QC for transfers so that they can keep doing transfers for their customers, but they have lost this profit source.

The QC simply transfers the fund to the appropriate bank accounts for the banks and will continue until the banks go bankrupt.

Once this happens, banks will have nothing to do with the QFS. With the bank’s demise, people establish their own accounts in the QFS and transfer funds at will. There is no need for a third party to do transfers, a person simply does a bank to bank transfer to pay bills and other financial transactions using a QFS debit card.

BTW, they are using the QC, but not the QFS. The QFS is not active with accounts that have been funded.

In the beginning, the activation of the QFS will happen when the RV takes place and not until then.

For the QFS to be activated, it takes a “transaction” before funds can be transferred (Activated) to accounts within the QFS. This happens when the Alliance “purchases” the Zim or devalued currencies and deposits the funds in your QFS account.

This is when you will have usable funds in your new accounts. After the RV starts, individuals will have personal access to the QFS and their account will be activated by transferring your funds from your present bank account to your QFS account.

You will have to do this on your own, the QFS will not assume you want to be a part of the QFS nor will they automatically take funds from your bank account and transfer it to the QFS for obvious reasons while your bank account is still active.

The QC transfer capability is in place and can be used by banks to make transfers but without the bank profits. The real problem that this has created becomes visible as the banking system is on life support due to the lack of funds.

There is a lot of pundits saying the present economic system will crash. Looks like they know what they are talking about. This course will not change as the banks become insolvent and will close.

This was the intent of the Alliance for the bank’s use of the QC in the transition from the old to the new. Other problems exist as the banks try to stay relevant. They have gone to using crypto-currencies and have moved up their date for a global reset by the worldwide [D]eep State. They are still trying to be relevant in a changing world that will not include banks, bankers, or cryptocurrencies. It won’t work for them.

So I wonder how banks are going to exist in the QFS if indeed they have been connected to the QFS. The truth is that the banks can say they have connected to the QFS, but in reality, the QC has connected to the banks in a way that they will no longer have any control.

The QFS’s Quantum Computer has an operating system that uses a Quantum Operating System that the world’s computer system does not have. So, why would they want to be in the very System that is designed to shut them down? This has not changed.

No element in the QFS can make money on money. It is totally free; no fees and no loan revenue, and no ability to get funds from the Federal Reserve. The Fed is now part of the Treasury Department.

They only print money for the USA, Inc. Government as the Fed goes out of business. The IRS is being shut down as well. With no income from Income Taxes, the National debt will be declared null and void and the debt will just simply follow the Fed’s demise.

Trump and his bankruptcy knowledge, is playing out. Run up the bill and then bankrupt the USA, Inc., and move on to the Restored Republic. Oops did I let out what may be happening?

So much from the old Central Bank System is being dismantled that they can’t and won’t be able to pay their glutenous overhead. They are headed for receivership as their source of funds is down to a trickle.

So, is it a fair question to ask, WHY would banks want to be a part of the QFS? Is it to give the new Quantum Financial System more credibility or is it a ruse to get people to believe banks are in control of the QFS? Poor banks and bankers, they are going to fail as they try to dig their fingernails into the rocks at the edge of the cliff. Is there anybody who wants to throw them or their banking system a rope? I would think not.

The real truth about the Central Banking System is that they are going out of business regardless of what happens. They will not survive the demise of the Fiat system that has destroyed the world economy. There are no profits in banking to be made anymore. We welcome the transition into the QFS. Now, bank profits of trillions of dollars annually will stay in the economy instead of it being siphoned out by banks.

What if the [D]eep State players get Zim and try to redeem them for their stay-alive-funds? Now that’s a thought.

I think it would be wise for the bankers to purchase as much Zim as they can afford and try to redeem them at a rate that would give them funds to stay alive and remain relevant in the new QFS. If they have money to purchase 50 to 100 quads, (50,000 to 100,000 Zim) they might survive. (?)

I say, go get ’em, bankers. Give it your best shot. What more do you have to lose? There are still a lot of places to buy Zim Bonds for your redemption attempts on eBay and other sources. The Zim Bond dealers would welcome your purchases, and we all get to see what happens to some more Tier4A Whales.

Enjoy receiving Safe Keeping Receipts SKRs at your redemptions, bankers, and pray they get funded with liquid funds in your QFS accounts. Try to get them before we Tier4B redeem so you will be sure you get your share of SKRs before we get our liquid funds. We may dry up your funds.

Trying to keep it real

Ron Giles