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Central Bank Required Re-boot

They had it all planned out. Control the money source and you control everything of value; Governments (Congress, Politicians, Law enforcement agencies), Stock Markets (controlled legal gambling scheme), Main Stream Media outlets (MSM), housing markets, Sports, Pharmaceuticals, GMO Food production, Manufacturing (jobs), Power Distribution (PG&E), Mining and Mineral Production, Vaccinations (CDC), and perhaps the most pernicious, Organized Religion.

When you control the money, you control people’s lives making them Debt Slaves, by design. Damn, they did it all, how do we get out of this mess?

The Central Bank (CB) banking system is a cancerous growth that has metastasized into every facet of our society. It eats at the very root of civilization without care or concern for who it affects, nor the damage it causes in the lives of the people it says it serves. Our money system is not supposed to be this way. It is supposed to support society not destroy it. Financial systems are changing.

While the faces of the real Central Bank banking system are not public, their puppets are public and are doing the work of these puppet masters. We elect compromised politicians who support the CB while finding it easy to become rich while in their offices and they game the system to be sure they are well kept even after their stint in office.

The CB has a useful half-life that lasts by causing wars where they finance and sell their war machines to both sides to see who wins and then embark on a path to destabilize and destroy the winners. The puppets are given large sums of money and when they are no longer needed, they “committed suicide,” or some other untraceable or traceable demise, (Seth Rich) so the trail of knowledgeable individuals is eliminated and no longer at risk of being found out.

It is re-enacted so many times in the public eye and the sheeple still don’t get a clue of their atrocities. Keep the sheeple asleep with sports and entertainment, so we don’t have people snooping around behind the curtain finding out what is going on. Damn those Toto type investigators, keep them away from the curtain.

The CB money system has to be rebooted every so often so the men behind the curtain are not found out. The call goes out to the compromised CIA agents or puppets to start another war, this time bigger and better than the last. Which country is next on the list of targets now? Is it North Korea, Iran, Iraq again, Ukraine, any country will do as long as the groundwork has been done by the CIA to destabilize the government having compromised their leaders; Libya, Syria, Yamen, most African countries, and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter who, it just matters, whose is next.

If the leader of a country won’t give in to their bankrupt morality, then make them look bad, kill them and take over their country. (Libya) Any war will do as long as it lasts a long time. The reboot can happen many times until it is ended by people who have awakened to their scheme and who will make a stand to fight them until the end. So here we are, the end is in sight.

So, Ron Giles, why are you preaching to the choir? Is there a point in this post? The answer is yes, there is.

There will be no wars, there will be no reboot to the CB system, there will be no continuing CB banking system the cancer of which is being surgically removed from the earth. The bad guys are being terminated. There is no place for them to continue their masked charade, they have been found out and the results of their whole scheme against we humans is ending. What does that mean?

It means that all things Central Bank banking systems are being replaced. It is only a matter of time before their MK Ultra experiment is finished and we have no more banking institutions. Once we fully awaken from our lethargy, we will take back our countries and our money supply and begin the new way of living. The CB system is the enemy of the people and is being destroyed. Why do gurus keep talking about banks as being relevant? Are they ignorant or is there more sinister activity behind their diatribe? You get to be your own judge.

Much has been talked about how the Quantum Financial System (QFS) will be implemented but implemented it will be. There will be a transition from the old to the new to allow people to wake up to the new better way of being alive. No longer will the Satanists have their way with us and our children, nor with our money supply.

The absolute truth that one can plan on is that all RV funds will be deposited into the new Quantum Financial System, QFS. The QFS has been working in parallel with the Central Bank’s SWIFT transfer system for close to two years now. This is a fact that the present Politicians did not know about. Their illegally gotten funds have been traced from colluded sources to their bank accounts wherever they are. They will be confronted at the appropriate time and the hammer of justice will fall on them and destroy their money milking schemes.

Un-audited Foreign aid has been used for decades to pad their banking accounts for these career politicians. Quid-Pro-Quo is the name of their game. Kickbacks are a way of life for them. This will end. No wonder they hate Trump cleaning the swamp. Their very existence is threatened; they are cornered animals lashing out for their lives, far beyond hatred or political partisanship.

The QFS then is the repository for ALL RV funds. Gurus can talk all they want about the banks are going to do this and banks are going to do that, but the banks are going bankrupt and this system of finance is going down. Depositing money in any CB Bank account is giving them ownership of your money. Check out the deposit slip.

That’s why banks will not be used for the deposit of redemption or exchange funds. They will steal it. Transfer a small amount of money to them if you want for convenience’s sake but never put significant amounts of money in a bank, it is subject to be confiscated. The QFS is safe and secure and supports the humanitarian cause for which the money was intended.

Traditionally, bank wealth managers have a job to make you money on your money. The major mandate for all currency holders, especially Zim Bonds holders, is that the money is not to be used to make money on your money. PERIOD. Your humanitarian activities should be designed for a net loss for yourself, with any profits going to the persons you helped get into the business.

The structured quarterly interest payment is your return on your money, beyond that, it is just plain greed. Keep in mind that those interest payments are funds that need to be put into society without a profit incentive and that will be a major job all by itself. If you have an intent to make money on your money, you will be restricted on the rates you will receive.

Complain about this if you want, you will be the loser. Wealth managers may be useful but not in their traditional role as managers of your wealth. Never turn your funds over to someone else to manage your funds. It’s your stewardship, not theirs. The money is not to be used to build up a personal financial dynasty. The money managed to make money will rot like the mana from heaven if it is not used appropriately. This is a fair warning. Mend your thinking to be in harmony with the funds you will receive.

One of the best ways to determine if a guru is worth his/her salt is to listen to their talk about banks. If they talk about the banks being used to deposit RV funds, they are not talking about the QFS where your funds will be kept safe. If they just simply talk about banks or a banker as a source of their information, they are probably a shill or at the very least, are RV ignorant prognosticators.

If they are wrong about dates and/or rates, then question all of their information as being suspect and probably not true. Listen to them if you want but don’t come on IDC with your complaining posts saying they gave us a date and it didn’t happen, again. Duh!!!!.

If you listen and believe in them, you get what you deserve; frustration and bad information. At what point do you stop listening to them? Is it the first 5 times they are wrong or are you going to wait for the hundredth time to say to hell with them? Again, if you continue with them then, don’t come on IDC with your crankiness and complaining because we’ll just question your brain functions and your capacity to beat your head on the wall and complain because it hurts every time. Heads were not made to bang on walls. You’ll continue until you get tired and quit listening to them.

The bottom line about banks is this: there will be no profit in banking. The QFS is totally free to use. The banks will transition into full bankruptcy and the whole system will fail. Zim Benefactors will take over the assets and the liabilities and create Financial Centers to accommodate the Financial Industry. Banks will be no more, Financial Centers will be the future of the financial industry.

If guru talk does not include this scenario, they are out of bounds and their info is suspect. Always remember that at your redemption and exchanged Appointment, your funds will be deposited in the QFS, and never, ever in a bank, unless you decide to go outside of the secure RV redemption and exchange at a bank that is not a contracted agent bank of the QFS.

NOTE: If you are following a person who talks to you about a Social Score or the Chinese equivalent to the US FICO credit score, as a factor in getting a priority for your redemption appointment, you may be talking to a Charlatan who is adopting part of the Chinese Communist Party’s Social Engineering activity. I suggest you Disassociate yourself from this Social Engineering activity ASAP, you have already been chalked and if you continue, you may be disqualified from redeeming or exchanging currencies. This person who has adopted this form of manipulations and control is out of bounds and is being inappropriate. Sovereigns would never put up with this type of control over others. Enough said!!!

These are the end times of the waiting period. The time to repair the holes in your boat is coming to an end. If your boat floats and keeps your belongings dry then you have prepared well. Keep a tight ship. Good luck on getting to your humanitarian destination and enjoy the journey.

Ron Giles