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The Gold Standard vs. Gold-Backed

It is rumored by well-meaning individuals that the USD is now on the Gold Standard. What does that mean? If the US does go on the Gold Standard does that give “value” to the US dollar? There are those who would say yes. I ask, how so?

The term “Gold Standard” does mean something but the definition of, Gold Standard is not readily available to help us understand what it means and how it adds value to the currency. I’d like to know HOW it does add value if indeed, it does add value to the currency.

My mistrust of the Gold Standard exists because I have found out that when we were on the Gold Standard, the gold in Ft. Knox was no longer there. Then we were taken off the gold standard and all of sudden, the supposed gold in Fort Knox is no longer needed to back our USD. Imagine that!

 If that is so then can someone tell me how any newly recovered gold put into a secure vault somewhere can be used to say, we are now back on the Gold Standard?

Does the USD, you know the Fiat currency, now have value because the corporate government said a pile of gold exits somewhere and is now backing our USD and that claim of gold somewhere has now put us back on the Gold Standard as if saying it, magically creates value for the USD.

Color me a little skeptical of this maneuver, because the gold at Fort Knox was sold off by the Federal Reserve while we used the middle east oil to give value to what is now the Petrodollar. The USD was taken off the Gold Standard and with the whisk of a pen and some underhanded tricks by certain individuals, the fiat USD became the reserve currency for the world.

All this because Nixon said the gold market was being manipulated by investors. (Guess who) So, we are led by Nixon to believe that gold could no longer be used to back currency because the price fluctuation made it unstable to use gold to back our currency. Is this accurate?

I also thought that the Gold Standard means the Fed cannot just simply print as much money as they wanted because there was only so much gold backing it. So much gold backing equals so much gold-backed money. But then so much gold going up in value as a result of inflation means we can print more money. Conversely, if the price of gold goes down, do we take money out of circulation? This is a dichotomy, a Central Bank dichotomy. We all know the answer.

Now then, if what took place back in 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard that made it so we did not need the gold to back our currency, what has changed today so that all of a sudden we will be getting a new USN (United States Note) and it is backed by the Gold Standard like before.

Meaning that there is a pile of gold somewhere that all of a sudden gives our currency value, just because somebody said it is now back on the Gold Standard? Could this be a Cabal Central Bank scam to mess with our currency again? So if the whole world of nations does the same thing, whose currency can be trusted? Really trusted? No wonder the world needed a reserve currency.

Is this just another round of the sleight-of-hand deception to trick us into believing that our new currency is backed by the Gold Standard that supposedly gives it value beyond the Fiat system? Why should we believe in such an un-verifiable claim as we move into a new financial system? Should we believe that each country in the world will claim the same thing? History is not on the credibility side of that potential scam, especially communist countries like China who lie, as a way of life.

Are we being set up again for the rug to be pulled out from under our financial system by some unscrupulous Rothschild plunderers from the past? Could this really be what the Alliance is putting our soldier’s lives at risk for so that we are set up to go through all this Cabal crap again? I don’t think so! We need to nail down a secure way for all the world currencies.

If a pile of gold over there gives our currency value then why can I not put a couple of gold coins in my pocket and claim what I have in my other pocket as Federal Reserve Notes, is now on the Gold Standard? So when we officially go on the Gold Standard, I can say that I am already on the Gold Standard with my Fiat dollars because I have gold in my pocket … says one country to another.

If you call me absurd, I have no defense. It is absurd to claim that a pile of gold over there gives added value to a nation’s currency when in fact, there is no physical tie from the pile of gold to the currency. So how does that pile of gold that can be sold away as a commodity, secure our currency? Is this important? Yes, it is important.

How can I make that pile of gold over there actually give value to the currency? There is a way.

The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) comes with a process that actually ties physical gold to currency by the use of Digital Gold Certificates. How so, you ask?

That pile of Gold over there happens to be located in an energetically secured vault that contains Kilo bricks of registered gold. Meaning that each Kilo has an identifiable serial number on it that identifies it from the others.

That pile of gold in that vault over there (wherever it is) was accumulated by the Chinese Elders over many hundreds of years. It was intended to be used in this time period when the new financial system was to be ushered in to replace the old Central Bank system set up by the Rothschilds.

That old debt system has built-in obsolescence where it will no longer work for society. That time period is now. It is failing and failing fast. The Federal Reserve has been merged with the US Treasury here in the United States to where the Treasury Department Secretary is now in charge of the issuing ofmoney for the Government. The Treasury comes under the Executive Branch and is controlled by President Trump. Trump is the new Fed.

So what is going to happen to the Gold Standard? Is it going to be the same as before? The answer is no. The concept of the Gold Standard to back a currency has no verifiable link to currency except in the new QFS. How so?

As stated above, each identified gold kilo brick has a serial number. The value of the gold brick goes up and down with the present market price as a commodity. Once the Global Currency Reset takes place, the value of each kilo brick is determined by the market value of gold at that snapshot in time. If you divide that value of the brick by the number of dollars it takes to buy it, you have established the value of the increments of the currency that each brick can sustain. That increment is given a digital gold certificate that identifies the increment of currency that links back to the kilo serial number that is used to “back” that increment of currency. Gold backing with this process creates security and thus, TRUST, in the new financial system.

The QFS keeps track of the gold certificates as a digital signature for the increment of currency and can then be transferred as a digital gold certificate from one account to another. Once the QFS is activated the price of gold in the secured vault is set in stone with the result that the value of all currencies will never change in relationship to each other’s currency regardless of the fluctuation of the market price of gold.

To facilitate the gold-backed national currencies of the world in the QFS, each increment of currency will have to be on par value with increments of currency for each nation. The gold certificate will keep track of the increments and label them as dollars or pounds or yen, etc. But in reality, the par value of each increment, regardless of the national origin, will be the same. You can see that the QFS gold-backing has nothing to do with the gold reserves of any nation (the Gold Standard). This means that there is no need to verify the gold reserves in a nation because their gold is not used to create value for their currency.

In effect, the accounting system within the QFS will become a worldwide currency repository with the national names of the currency being the only difference between the gold certificates. Doing business internationally or private, is just transferring gold certificates from one QFS account to another QFS account. Is this the precursor to a worldwide currency? May be.

This process within the QFS was agreed upon by all countries of the world at the Paris Accord on Climate Change summit meeting as an adjunct to the meeting. With all nations being represented at the summit, this was the time to set the new financial system in order. It had nothing to do with the climate change agreement, it was separate.

The Alliance is in charge of the QFS process and the activation of the new financial system. My understanding is that the Activation took place a few weeks back and is presently in the transition phase of the implementation. We are the beneficiaries of the new system with its genius way of gold-backing of all the world currencies. It is a much better and more secure system than what we had with the Central Bank system, which should be obvious.

Blessings to all, and to all, be a blessing

Ron Giles