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An Iraqi lawmaker asks Abdul-Mahdi for guarantees and asks: Are our neighbors our friends or our masters?

The Iraqi MP, Ahmed Muddoul al-Jarba, today, Sunday, during a parliament session, asked questions of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi after the end of his speech in which he recommended ending the American presence in the country.

The Iraqi MP said: Are our neighbors our friends or our masters? .. Will we hand over the capabilities of Iraq to the hands of the neighboring countries?

He added: “Is there a guarantee and ability of the government and security services to maintain security and that criminal gangs will not return to the country’s provinces?”

He continued, “Will we respect and support the security services, or will some parties work to strengthen some factions and make them stronger than the state?”, Noting that these words are directed to all provinces in Iraq and demanded the withdrawal of any faction trying to blackmail the provinces and replace them with military sectors.

He also called for keeping Iraq away from all conflicts and not making it an arena for conflicts and settling international accounts.

He concluded by saying that he wanted guarantees in what was mentioned, and that all decisions that will be issued are for the benefit of all Iraqis in all governorates and not a province without another.