Fuad Masum returns budget bill lacking Peshmerga salaries to parliament

Iraq’s president returned the budget bill to the parliament for revision, citing a lack of direct funding for Kurdish Peshmerga salaries.

The budget law contains 31 constitutional, legal, and financial violations, Farhad Aladin, an adviser to Iraqi President Fuad Masum, told Rudaw on Tuesday.

The Iraqi presidency told Rudaw that Peshmerga salaries must be demonstrated in the budget bill, and not just generally talk about it.

Kurdish MPs were unsatisfied that salaries for Peshmerga were not directly included in the 2018 budget bill, which effectively allocates a 14 percent budget share for the regional government.

Funds were allocated for salaries of Peshmerga, but not for their operational needs.

KRG deputy Prime Minister said on Monday that if Baghdad were to send the salaries for the health and education ministries “we will definitely be able to cover the remaining part.”