Shelves collapse at election warehouse in Baghdad, killing 1

One person died others were injured after shelves fell at an Iraqi election commission warehouse in Baghdad, according to an official.

“Another heartbreaking disaster happened at a storehouse of the High Independent Electoral Commission while working in the storehouse of assurance machines in Rakhi Karkh in Baghdad city,” Commissioner Saed Kakai wrote on his personal Facebook page on Saturday.

“Today, the shelves holding the devices fell on some employees. Unfortunately, one of them has died and several more have been severely injured,” he added.

Kakai posted photos of Iraqi security forces outside the building, and a man who appeared to be unconscious or dead. A video showed several men inside the apparent warehouse yelling about a collapse.

Rudaw is unable to independently verify the images and video posted by Kakai and it is unclear if any of the voting machines were damaged in the collapse.

Flames tore through the Iraqi electoral commission’s biggest warehouse in Baghdad on June 10.

The storehouse only contained votes cast in the predominately Shiite al-Rusafa area of Baghdad.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called the ballot box burning a “plot” against Iraqi democracy.

Iraq held a parliamentary election May 12. Disputes over the results have protracted coalition building for the next government.

On Thursday, an Iraqi federal court ruled that parliament’s decision to manually recount votes cast is constitutional, but the annulment of IDP, diaspora, and advance votes is not. Source