Nechervan Barzani discussed with a US delegation the role of Kurds in the efforts to form the next government

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nezhirvan Barzani, on Sunday, June 24, 2018, with an American delegation led by the commander of the Central Command of US forces Joseph Fotil, the security and political situation and the role of Kurds in the efforts to form the next Iraqi government.

According to a statement by the Kurdistan Regional Government that on Sunday afternoon, June 24, 2018, Mr. Nezirvan Barzani received “Mr. Joseph Fotill, commander of the Central Command of US forces, and Mr. Ken Gross, US Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, and a military delegation accompanying them.”

He added that “during the meeting between the two sides discussed the security and political situation in the region and Iraq, and highlight the efforts and steps that followed the Iraqi parliamentary elections, which aims to form a new Iraqi government, and the impact and role of Kurds in this process.”

The statement added: “The two sides agreed on the need for military coordination between the allies and Iraq and the Peshmerga, especially in the field of hunting remnants and the continuation of their movements and the elimination of recent movements in the region In this regard was valued coordination between allies and Peshmerga high, and was emphasized the continuation of US military assistance to the Peshmerga “He said.

“On the other side of the meeting, we discussed the latest developments in Syria and stressed that the only solution to the Syrian situation is a political solution that guarantees the rights of all components in that country.”

He pointed out that “the meeting was attended by Dr. Fouad Hussein, President of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, Karim Sinjari Minister of Interior and Minister of Peshmerga Agency, and military commanders Sheikh Jaafar and Najat Ali.” Source