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Rocket lands near Baghdad International Airport: Security Media Cell

A rocket landed late Monday near Baghdad International Airport, according to the Iraqi Security Media Cell.

“A rocket hit the vicinity of Baghdad Airport, and [we later] found out that it was launched from Arab Khudair region south of Baghdad Airport,” read a statement from the cell.

Security forces have begun inspecting the area to find the perpetrators of “this terrorist act,” the statement added.

No casualties have been reported.

This is the second rocket attack to hit Baghdad under the rule of new Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi. A rocket landed near the US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone on May 19.

The Green Zone hosts several Iraqi government ministries, the federal parliament, and foreign diplomatic missions. It was targeted by a spate of rocket attacks at the beginning of the year, with soaring US-Iran tensions following the US killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani at Baghdad’s airport on January 3.

Iraqi army bases hosting Coalition troops were also subject to rocket attacks at the hands of Iran-backed militias. Source