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Three Katyusha rockets land near Baghdad airport: Iraq military

Three Katyusha rockets landed close to Baghdad International Airport in the early hours of Tuesday morning, an official Iraqi military media source has announced – the third such incident at a site of international importance in the Iraqi capital in just eight days.

No casualties have been reported after the rockets hit “the vicinity of Baghdad Airport,” according to a Tuesday morning statement from Iraqi Security Media Cell.

Iraqi security forces found “a wooden rocket launcher” loaded with unlaunched rockets in the nearby Makasib neighbourhood of Baghdad, the statement added.

The attack has not yet been claimed by any group, but the US has attributed past rocket attacks on sites of American or international importance to Iran-backed militias who it says are looking to further inflame US-Iran tensions.

The airport hosts an American military base, as well as the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center, a branch of the US embassy which has been subject to repeated rocket fire in recent years. Rockets have now landed in the airport’s vicinity twice in the space of eight days, after a similar incident on June 8.

The US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone has also been subject to two rocket attacks this past month, the most recent occurring on Thursday.

Iraqi army bases hosting US-led Coalition troops have also been the target of rocket attacks suspected to have been launched by Iran-backed militias. Source