In Rudaw

Rocket lands inside Baghdad’s Green Zone

One Katyusha rocket landed near the suspension bridge in Baghdad’s Green Zone Tuesday night, according to security authorities.

Another rocket was intercepted before it was fired at the launch site, confirmed the Iraqi government, adding that the attacks did not cause any material damage.

“Information indicates that the rocket was launched from the al-Rashid Base, while the security forces found another rocket prepared for launch in the same place, and it was defused,” the Iraqi Security Media Cell said in a statement dispersed via Whatsapp.

The al-Rashid military base area is 17 kilometres southeast of the Green Zone.

Another rocket fell just outside of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) Fifth Branch in Baghdad’s Karrada neighborhood close to the Green Zone, head of the KDP office, Shwan Mohammed Taha confirmed to Rudaw.

No group has claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks.

The US has attributed past rocket attacks on sites of international importance in the Green Zone to Iran-backed militias, who it says are looking to further inflame US-Iran tensions.

Tuesday’s attack is the latest of several rocket attacks targeting the Green Zone after Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (ICTS) personnel raided the headquarters of the Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia in Baghdad province on June 26, detaining at least 14 fighters of the group who were accused of recent rocket attacks in the capital.

Multiple attacks on military bases hosting US troops have taken place since the raid, notably Taji base north of Baghdad, the latest of which was carried out on July 27.  Source