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Germany will help make ISIS-hit Shingal, Nineveh livable once more: FM Heiko Maas

Berlin will help with efforts to rebuild parts of Iraq left destroyed by war with the Islamic State (ISIS), the German foreign minister said at a joint press conference with his Iraqi counterpart on Monday.

Foreign minister Heiko Maas was asked by Rudaw how Germany planned to help stabilise areas of Shingal and Nineveh, many of whose residents still live in camps in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region six years after the ISIS onslaught began.

“We are particularly concerned about the return and re-adaptation of those who have escaped ISIS and want to return to their hometowns, though that is not an easy task. This has to do with working on the crimes of ISIS; only in this way will those people be ready to return,” Maas told Rudaw at the joint press conference after their meeting.

“Our plan is to remove what has been left by war and provide basic services, so that people can once again live there,” he added.

Iraqi foreign minister Fuad Hussein told Rudaw that “the fight against ISIS is still ongoing” and requires continued international support.

Asked by Rudaw what Iraq seeks from Germany, Hussein said support and investment in Iraq’s energy sector is needed and part of current discussions with Berlin.

“We started talks on oil last year, but now we are continuing our discussions on how to rebuild power plants with support from German companies in that field.”

Hussein will next meet with Germany’s ministers of defense and economic development, before heading to Brussels. Source