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Two Katyusha rockets land near Baghdad’s Green Zone

Two Katyusha rockets landed in an area close to Baghdad’s Green Zone late Sunday, according to Iraq’s top security source.

“Terrorist groups fired two Katyusha rockets at Al-Jadriya area,” announced the Iraqi security media cell via Telegram Monday morning.

“The first missile fell behind the Babylon Hotel and the other near the airlines,” they added, noting that no casualties took place.

Diplomatic targets within Baghdad’s Green Zone, home to foreign diplomatic offices and Iraqi government buildings have repeatedly been subject to rocket attacks. Additionally in recent months, convoys driven by Iraqis and contracted by the US-led coalition have come under almost daily attacks across central and southern Iraq.

Washington signaled last week that it could close its diplomatic mission in Baghdad if measures are not taken to control armed groups responsible for recent attacks against the US and other interests in the country.

Militias loyal to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force carried out at least 25 attacks on convoys carrying supplies to US or coalition facilities, Baghdad airport and the Green Zone in September alone. Source