Sam Oliver

A lot of things will change in these next two days especially fiat tax changes that have to merge into the Gold Standard tax laws that began the end of March.

Banking and Trade laws had to be dealt solidified. And now, we see that US/China are almost done. 🙂 I suspect the leveling off of currencies will be set into motion as the Central Banks backing the new financial system with gold becomes possible any moment now.

We already know they have had gold for some time. A lot of gold contracts were bought last week. Let’s see how much this effects this week.

Will it go sky high? I can’t answer that one, but the right people who own them will be very happy soon. These two monetary systems may have to run side by side for a period of time. We will see.

The gold standard brought in everything we wanted to see except gold backing for the exchange, but economic reforms had to lead the way.

It looks like doors are opening now for what we want to see. Sam Oliver