Sam Oliver

What a day of headlines. “Get out of the Market Now.” “265 Billion US Stocks dumped this past year.” “Global Trade Collapsing to Depression Levels.” “Volumes or money flow is very low.” “Central Banks and traders are buying gold at a record pace.”

In fact, more gold bought than the last 6 years combined. These are just some of the headlines today. Yesterday, remember when I shared with you traders had turned to gold and went “long” on their buying of stocks?

I see the gold report came out today. Record levels of buying gold again. No wonder we are seeing articles of doom and gloom coming down the pike today. All this indicated was a short term fall in the making. And today, their stories were written. But, this is not as bad as it seems.

Take another look at what was shared yesterday. The traders went “long.” This means they believe in the future of our financial system, but they do not have any confidence in the short term. Do the traders know something?

Of course they do, it is simply history repeating itself.

When prices on the market are adjusted, currency adjustments will reflect a new buying power on these new prices with a stock no longer inflated, and a fixed trade rate that is fair on an open market backed by the gold these traders and Central Bankers hold in their possession.

Eventually, you will see them move back into the global market again. They know something that was not known in years past that the gold they hold will deflate an inflated price. In other words, gold is the balancing asset used to hold when prices in a market have moved into the danger zone.

When a balance in the market returns, you will see them trade their gold in for real values placed on revalued goods and services. It is a simple market correction.

Did the dollar collapse today? Let’s take a look at this closely. It still looks like it is as high as ever. But, did you notice it wasn’t able to produce volumes as it normally does in years past? This is why trade volumes remained low today.

When you don’t have money moving through a financial system, it is like driving a car without oil in it. Something will tighten or completely stop soon, and currencies around the world will need to revalue to meet new trading regulations already defined in the Gold Standard that banks began to implement on trade regulations the end of March.

When a car breaks down, you have to rebuild a new engine. On the market, it is called economic reforms. When this happens in trading platforms, the system goes through a rebooting process called a RESET.

Forex is an engine that is driven by consumer and trader confidence. When the market positioning is over between China and the US, you will see trade talks begin to surface conversations revealing “a suitable environment for every currency and stock in the world that will find their place in these adjustments.”

In turn, you will have witnessed two champion chess players playing a game designed to position an entire world toward successful financial pathways designed for the next generation.

Sam Oliver