Sam Oliver

A word on trading volumes. As we continue this trade war, the number of shares and/or contracts bought in the market will decrease.

Over a period of time, it will begin to challenge technical levels once held in the market years ago. What falls off during this time is a less trading scenario in the financial system. If this continues, warning signs will develop and market corrections will follow. Traders pull back on their investment support when lower than average volumes begin, and it has began.

Their money is moving into gold on the short term. They will trade much of it to invest in your projects and others. Traders will pullback or hold on to their investment options to see where the repricing values on goods and services land that supported trade volumes once held at a higher price.

Trading volume is an important technical indicator for investors. They use these numbers to confirm a set of patterns that reveal it’s potential growth in the market. Then, they use this knowlege to determine how much to invest in that stock.

Over time, liquidity issues becomes a problem or a momentum to the economic developement of a country or countries in this case. Here is where you will come into the market with your exchange and new opportunities or visions capable of changing the world.

You will work with a management team to help you find your place in the market with new ideas. Your projects, please know them well, will be new opportunities for hedge funders and traders to look at new ideas being brought into the market. Yes, your dreams and your faith in them, will change the world.

What you held in your heart and your soul will be brought to life from transitions such as these presently surfacing in the market. I know many of us thought our projects initially was going to make us rich, but the reality is that you have changed more than you know as you have been involved in Dinarland.

Your “Enriched Soul” is about to be born. The time to step up and be a part of a changing world is something that has already taken place in you. Your seeds of awareness held in your soul are about to find a place in the market.

These seeds will be planted into a financial system that can value them at authentic prices soon ushering in an environment for their growth to organically, and not artificially,  find it’s place in a world that has just RESET its monetary values into a system allowing your hopes and your dreams to come true.

Sam Oliver