Sam Oliver

Sam Oliver: We are under the gold standard.

Gold Backed Currencies begin when the Central Banks back banks with gold.

We are at the final step.

We should see law changes tomorrow on taxes because of the gold standard and new one on the 16th.

Gold Standard is another word for Economy Reforms.

Remember when Iraq went through their last year?

We are the last to go.

I remember this being said. Now, it makes sense.

Sam Oliver:   It is happening as we go.

So many people have been told it will happen all at once.

It will go up this year because the dollar is deflating.

The world is de-dollarizing still.

As the dollar goes down, it will level off with other countries’ values so an open market system can take place.

An open market system is what the gold standard is all about.

It is so different than what we have now.

Right now, you are seeing inflated prices rise. This will settle down when gold backed currency is implemented.   It’s coming

Q: Sam, I remember Dizzy Bear mentioning that copper is a good indicator of the health of the economy. How is it performing right now compared to the changes with gold and silver?

Sam: It is great. I just posted something earlier on it. Dizzy Bear knew how to let the markets talk to us.

When the books close on the fiat system Oct. 1, you will see incredible changes take place in the metals market in Oct., Nov., and Dec.

Q: Certainly good investments to consider Post RV.

Sam: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss A second RV IMO LOL Gotta say that at times. a fixed rate of gold doesn’t have to be much at first. it can rise as we get closer to that date above. when gold is the only system operating.

Q: A couple of questions that come to mind regarding that. I know in the past the US government confiscated gold from the citizenry, could that happen again? And, when do you think that would take place if it is?

Sam: Rich people buy rare coins to avoid this part you are referring to. But, you will get more than you paid for it as it goes up. I am hoping this doesn’t happen this time.
We are catching this crisis on it’s way up and not after a crash.

Q: So coins, like the golden eagle, excetera, would be a smarter investment for that reason?

Sam: Rare coins tend to rise higher anyway than bullion.