Sam Oliver

There are changes coming this week, and soon, there will be the exchanges.

Each of us will take in currencies from an old life and into a new one. You and I are exchanging far more than money folks. We are exchanging life opportunities.

It is important that your banker in front of you sees this inside you. You may be surprised what they are looking for in you.

I remember a couple of years ago meeting with a Wealth Manager who had looked me up on the internet for information on me. I asked him why he did it. He told me that he was going to start a relationship with me and wanted to know if I could carry out my goals I told him over the phone was at that time.

We spent around 20 minutes getting to know each other before he told me who was going to be on my financial team. He didn’t rush, nor did I. I actually enjoyed this conversation more than I thought I would.

When we were finished, he made a phone call to his secretary and told her to put my name on his list to call when the currency values change.

When we parted, he shook my hand and looked me in the eyes. Then, he said something.

“Those currencies you have are marked to change.” This man took an effort to get to know me out of a busy day when he really didn’t have to do so.

From that moment on, I realized that I would be introduced to a whole new world. I took this ride far more serious than before. A movement inside me also took place. I was transformed. Transformation is the ability to see into a future, place, and time with great expectations of what that day will become.

Before I left that day, I must have convinced this Wealth Manager I was who he thought I was claiming to be. He bought into my dream, and I had to buy into a relationship that would help me get there.

What are you exchanging your life for in this revaluation? You will change. Make your choices well. If there is something inside you that you want to leave behind, this is a great time to do so.

You will become what you have always known is possible. If I need to say more about the markets any further, I will be back. Until we meet again, may all that is Holy in you find a resting place in your hearts today.

As the days and years unfold, you will look back on the day of your exchange in ways that may surprise you. Soon, all of this will be a memory, but your heart will hold them in a place only your soul can embrace.

You are being asked to “level up” as currencies “level off” creating a financial system of exchange that will give your soul an opportunity to look into the hearts of your fellow citizens, and not, their wallets and purses.

True Wealth is not found there and authentic abundance will always come from those dreams in your hearts that could not rest until they were given wings to fly. Sam Oliver

Notice the bank who created this article – Standard Chartered Bank. Have you seen their articles lately? They are starting to speak up. By the way, they are a gold backed bank. 😉 Sam Oliver


Kitco NEWS (@KitcoNewsNOW) April 15, 2019

Standard Chartered’s take on the U.S. dollar is that the American currency is overvalued.

“Ultimately the U.S. dollar [will] move lower against a broader basket of currencies. There have been a couple of factors that held back that trade,” he said. “The first of which is the enormous concern that we saw around global growth in Q1, which in some ways hindered the performance of some of the more growth-sensitive EM currencies.”

But, Robertsen argues that this global growth concern is a temporary one, stating that as the growth environment improves, it will be “extremely constructive for EM.”

From the G10-currency perspective it will take normalization from interest rates differentials before the dollar will begin its move lower, Robertsen explained.

“You have a number of G10 currencies, like the euro, with negative interest rates. So, from a cost-of-funding point of view, the dollar still looks relatively attractive against some of these currencies,” he said.