Sam Oliver

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Next Monday, we close the books on another tax season with earnings that were made last year. Wouldn’t it be a great time to start this year off with a new set of monetary laws that govern a new financial system? ­čśë It couldn’t hurt for sure.

We have not been moving forward since the first of the year in the markets to any large degree, and the global slow down is beginning to effect even the US.

What often appears to be a coincidence, in reality, isn’t. Next week is Holy Week and the end of another tax year. A time of transition would be fitting in both worlds don’t you think?

Watch what happens next week to gold and your life.

Never forget what brought you to Dinarland. This is the part of you that will tread on new waters after your exchange. And yes, it will be over each of our heads, but SOMEONE greater than ourselves obviously has confidence in us.

If your dreams are not over your heads to some degree, I doubt you will be entering a vision inside your projects and new life that is deep enough.

When you choose a life pattern that is greater than your own needs and abilities, it will change you. You see, it is not until we have to call on forces of nature and of heaven to guide us that our visions are capable of transforming us into who we were meant to become. Sam Oliver