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Samson:  The stock market is trading shares worth 7 billion dinars in a week

5th December, 2021

The Iraq Stock Exchange announced today, Sunday, that 7 billion shares were traded, with a financial value of more than 7 billion dinars, during the past week.

The market said in a report reviewed by Shafaq News Agency, “The number of companies whose shares were traded during the past week amounted to 49 joint-stock companies, while the shares of 34 companies did not trade due to the lack of convergence of the prices of purchase orders with sales orders, while 22 companies continue to be suspended for not providing disclosure. out of 105 companies in the market.

He added that “the number of traded shares amounted to 7 billion and 810 million and 446 thousand shares, a decrease of 13.52% compared to the previous session, with a financial value of 7 billion and 667 million and 84,000 dinars, a decrease of 14.62% compared to the previous session through the implementation of 3951 deals,” noting that “the price index The traded ISX60 closed at 560.02 points, recording a decrease of 2.82% from its closing in the previous session.

He pointed out that “the number of shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors for the past week amounted to one billion and 835 million shares, with a financial value of one billion and 616 million dinars, through the implementation of 198 deals, while the number of shares sold from non-Iraqi investors reached one billion and 906 million shares, with a financial value of 2 billion and 942.” million dinars through the implementation of 1074 transactions.

It is noteworthy that the Iraq Stock Exchange organizes five trading sessions per week from Sunday to Thursday, and includes 105 Iraqi joint stock companies representing the sectors of banking, telecommunications, industry, agriculture, insurance, financial investment, tourism and hotels. LINK


Samson:  Violent Explosions Hit The American Base Of Al-Tanf

5th December, 2021

Syrian opposition observatory, which is specialized in monitoring security events in Syria, reported on Sunday that violent explosions took place at Al-Tanf base on the Iraqi-Syrian-Jordanian border.

And the observatory said in a post on “Facebook” that “I saw / the information” that two explosions rocked the 55 area located at the border triangle between Syria, Iraq and Jordan within the Syrian Badia, where the Al-Tanf military base of the international coalition is located.

He added, “Coalition helicopters flew this morning in the airspace of the area, after which the first explosion shook the area of moderate intensity, followed by another violent and severe explosion,” noting that “it has not been clear so far the nature of the two explosions, whether they were caused by military exercises of the coalition or Is it firing missiles from the base, or is it a result of a new targeting of the base?”

On November 24, the Syrian Observatory monitored the launch of 4 long-range missiles by the US forces stationed at Al-Tanf base within the 55 area at the border triangle between Syria, Iraq and Jordan, from inside the base towards the west of the base.   LINK


Samson:  Iraq and Russia agree to cooperate in the field of clean energy 

5th December, 2021

Today, Sunday, Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar revealed a plan with Russia to increase oil production.

Abdul-Jabbar said in a press statement, “The ministry is ready to open prospects for joint cooperation with Russia in the fields of oil, gas and energy,” noting that “he met the Russian President’s envoy to Iraq, Mikhail Bogdamov, and the keenness of the Iraqi Oil Ministry and the prospects for cooperation remain open to develop the oil and gas extraction system, and this is reflected even on the electric power system.”

And he indicated that “the ministry will work with Russia to expand the horizons of cooperation with regard to clean, renewable energy,” noting that “this matter is one of his most important priorities, and he is working on it in a manner that promotes an environment free of pollution, which reflects positively on the citizen.”

Abdul-Jabbar added, “The sustainability plans he is working on is to increase oil production in addition to reducing fuels and emissions.”  LINK

Samson:  Dhi Qar Investment Announces A Technology City And An Artificial Lake Linking The Marshes With Ur

5th December, 2021

The Dhi Qar Investment Authority announced, on Sunday, the launch of several projects to develop the province and the ancient city of Ur, revealing the allocation of an area for the construction of a technology city to produce various types of technologies and attract the creative inventory.

The head of the authority, Hamid Al-Hasouneh, said in a statement reported by the newspaper “Al-Sabah” and seen by “The Information”, that “this electronic region will be a pioneer in the production of smart phones, tablets, robots, computers and their spare parts and cameras in Iraq,” noting that “Iraq has a qualitative precedent in the region through Establishment of the Electronic Industries Company (IELI) in 1973 to operate in the technology devices and equipment sector.

Al-Hasuna added, “The Nasiriyah Technological City, which is scheduled to be built on an area of 100 acres, represents one of the results of studies presented by the authority in its investment initiatives,” noting that “the project will enhance technological innovation and spread its products in a country like Iraq, which promises an open market for the use of products.”

He continued, “The authority obtained the approval of Dhi Qar Governorate to allocate two areas and offer them investment opportunities, the first with an area of 100 km near Nasiriyah Center specialized in electronic, office and paper industries, and the second with an area of 15,000 acres located outside the basic design of Nasiriyah Center specialized in heavy, light and polluting industries,” noting that “The commission has recently opened several investment projects, most notably two factories for the industrial and construction iron industries, as well as a factory for pipes and paints.”

Al-Hasuna revealed that “a group of investment projects and others with government funding have been prepared for the development and reconstruction of the historic city of Ur, based on the reforms granted to the commission in Diwani Order 38 of 2021,” noting that “the federal government has allocated funds for the development and restoration of the house of the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and the passable roads around it, in addition to Developing the residence of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, while passing through the city of Ur, heading to Kufa.

He pointed out that “the profiles of investment projects in the ancient city of Ur have been completed, as part of the campaign launched by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi last March,” noting that “the projects include the construction of the largest recreational artificial lake in the country, 27 km long and 11 km wide, to be the bridge linking cities. The historic marshes of Chabayish, to allow tourists to enjoy the charming nature of the marshes.”

He added, “The decision to stop work on the Chabayish resort project was one of the decisions that disrupted tourism investments under the pretext that the project was built in a migratory bird reserve and causes a change in their migration paths,” expecting that “more than one million foreign tourists enter the country annually to visit the historic city of Ur as well.” For recreation in the marshlands that are unique in their environment and nature.”   LINK

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