Despite what some may think I don’t believe that it is all doom and gloom and would like to believe that there is something in the background that would lead to a positive outcome, but not in the way that is being suggested. I try and avoid opinion and speculation but there is something that could be considered. …I do not see any way a large “revaluation” could be implemented in a single move, something that I do agree with Kap.

If the required funds were to be available then it would be possible for IQD outside Iraq to be bought up without any Iraqi involvement. This would not be a revaluation or any other change in the IQD but effectively private trading. This would significantly reduce the amount of IQD in circulation and open the door to a redenomination in Iraq without any external pressure.

Following the redenomination the amount of IQx in circulation would be back around the 20 billion mark and Iraq free to set the value as they saw fit. Just a remote possibility but again the big question, where would the funds come from. I also accept that certain “political” issues would be created but no scenario is without problems. The significant factor in this scenario is that initially it would have absolutely no effect on Iraq, all hinges on funds and an agreement with the international banks.