In sandyf

CBI and so many others have all but said the Dinar is going up in value, The “Dinar” is the monetary unit of Iraq, as opposed to the currency. A redenomination would increase the value of the “Dinar” and reduce the amount in circulation.   I have referred in the past to 2 entities that I had dealings with that were outside the realm of dinarland. In the middle of last year both were shut down by the authorities. One was revealed to be a scam and legal proceedings were initiated. The other however was given a clean bill of health and came back to life. They are now making encouraging noises about something happening later in the month with the outcome being visible in the new year.  People really should consider the possibility of 2 separate events rather than getting hung up on Iraq. The deletion of zeros is purely an Iraqi issue and could be a long time away.