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Marathon End – Q! Dominoes to begin! QFS GCR NESARA interdependent of each other

Oct. 1, 2020


Big named Swamp Rats begins to go PUBLIC; then Trump’s numbers are reported by November 1, 2020; then the Election but remember Q has posted “This is not another 4 year election”; then the GREATNESS PLAN.

Many people are stating dates and we do not rely on dates.  I am told that QFS for the debt forgiveness rolls out at the VERY VERY end of the year and the roll out takes time so it rolls into next year.  The initial roll out is less than 3 months from now!

QFS is separate from the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and that is separate from NESARA.  While each 3 elements are essential, they are all three interdependent of one another.

QFS is our new Digital Banking system.  Global Currency Reset is the Gold Backed Dollar.  NESARA…well that has 20 beautiful components in it that will change our lives and world.

NESARA first then GESARA (Global).

We are witnessing the process of NESARA right before our eyes!  Some people say I am talking crazy talk, say what you want, the acts of our President; the miraculous peace deals; the random debt forgiveness; the SBA loans that were getting funded so quickly; the new judges; the banks having a shortage of coins and cash; the cures and therapeutics that POTUS keeps talking about; Constitutional law and government as shown by the 1776 Commission; the take down of the cabal; the Federal Reserve now under the Treasury control; and so much more.

These are not normal circumstances, these are all signs of NESARA in the works.  I have been told that NESARA has not been officially announced, but the inner workings of NESARA has been in the works for awhile.  Most of all, NESARA is about helping Humanity!

That is the most beautiful part of NESARA.  When we live in a world that is no longer controlled by the corrupt, that is the first step of humanity!    I cannot wait!!!


Our President has referred to Transition to Greatness and the only way NESARA / GESARA could fully roll out is when the BIG BAD guys are done/gone/dealt with.  They will not have any of this greatness.  They will soon sit in their community room watching TV and see us celebrating, while they rot in their 8×8 cell.  While we are helping humanity every day, because we can!

Our President has repeatedly said, “The Best is Yet to Come” and that indeed is what I look forward to the most!

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