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Nesara/Gesara and Debt Forgiveness rollout starts soon……….

12/29/2020 –

We have been told that debt forgiveness WORLDWIDE begins the end of this year, but that is the START OF THE ROLL OUT.  To give clarification, a roll out of anything takes time.  While some people have already had their debts eliminated, others are waiting (including myself).

QFS roll out had to go through its testing stages. During the testing stages, QFS eliminated lots of debt.   It had to run simultaneous to the Fiat system.   It isn’t an easy roll out.

Barring any glitches, the QFS is the new Digital Banking system. I was told that we would know when QFS is in play when our banking system is fully digitized.   Global Currency Reset (GCR) and NESARA are separate yet inter dependent on each other.

This clarification is for those that are expecting a January 1, 2021 debt elimination.  I never quote specific dates.  If anyone wants to continue calling me out for a specific date, by all means, find the information that information.

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