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Last year, President Trump tweeted about Billions he funded to different states for “Infrastructure”.  The Bill that became effective on January 1, 2021 is one paragraph and incredibly HUGE!

This Bill allows for continuous funding under the category of Land and Agriculture.  What is NESARA all about?  Humanitarian Projects!  What is the foundation of most any Humanitarian project?  Land, Real Estate, Shelter, Warehouses to stock needed items, Building, etc.  Who would benefit from Humanitarian projects…EVERYONE!  Why?  (Short List)

  1.  Those that are in need of housing, shelter, food, clothing, basic essentials.
  2.  Those pre-selected groups funded to build projects to help those in need
  3.  Humanitarian Projects will soon become big employers.  Think of the domino affect of a project and the supply chain and services.
  4.  Living Self sustained, meaning we do not have to rely on the chemically based food products that we consume each day.  To grow your own produce, or work with ranchers and farmers to provide food.  Self sustained energy such as Solar.  And what other suppressed technologies will be released that would change the way we live?
  5.  Cures, Therapies and Technology released.  How many of these cures, Therapies require natural resources?

Do you see the domino affect and how it will blossom into a magnificent working world.  A world for those that are capable to work.  However, a world where Seniors can truly enjoy their lives.

The Domino affect, most everyone prospers because we are all working towards a common goal.  Think about this…owning a business that supplies for humanitarian projects; providing a certain type of counseling service to help those that are not use to abundance, they are familiar with mediocrity or services to manage a project.  Do you see how huge, large and wide this goes?

Our infrastructure as a country was destroyed and taken away from us!  We were living under the terms of the cabal / elites.  They formed a corporation in the USA to by pass the original Constitution of 1776.  This is why, during our entire life time, our voices were never heard, no matter what we did.  Now that the USA Corporation is defunct, gone , done…we have taken back our country.  Our Constitution is back!

Again, this all begins in America and then it branches out to other countries.  BREXIT for the UK was huge, to separate itself from the EU Union.

Remember, America will fund projects for other countries.  So these EO’s eventually affect the entire world.

Now this Bill is so huge that it will overwhelm all of you!