Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast

Trump says “paying off debt” and “infusion of money…”

Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast:  July 2, 2020


President Trump held a Briefing and a Speech today.  Oh my goodness, it will make you cry! Talks about payroll tax cuts and cash infusion…all coming back to us!

In President Trump’s  speeches today (7/2/2020) he mentions our 3rd quarter will be fantastic and 4th quarter too and next year will be the best we will ever have!

Folks, we are now in the 3rd Calendar Quarter and 4th Government Fiscal Year Quarter!  These speeches are incredibly powerful and memorable!

President Trump’s Independence Day at Mt. Rushmore event begins at 4:00pm Central Time. President Trump arrives Mt. Rushmore around 7:00 pm and his speech is expected to happen before the fireworks.  Fireworks begin at 9:30 pm Central Time.

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