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Meadows BOOM Interview – Time for people to go to Jail – And much More!

July 20, 2020

President Trump’s Chief of Staff was on Maria Bartiromo’s show and had a powerful interview!

Then immediately after this interview, faux Kamala Harris was on MSNBC and Joe Biden is officially the named suspect in the Ukrainian criminal investigation.

The day prior, Rep. John Lewis “died”. Yeah, well, we all know what kind of Congressman he was!  Most of the corrupt people in congress look at a Congress seat as a piggy bank.

As us Trump / Justice Loving patriots and anons were celebrating, Q dropped Q4592 something pretty profound! This Q drop has GESARA all over it!  Let’s revisit that:

Title of Nobility Clause defined

Thank you Q…let’s get these corrupt people (paid by foreigners) out of America and never allowed back to our country!  They don’t even deserve the same air that we breathe!  They can rot in Gitmo for they only cared about destroying the lives of children and the people of America!

Many people are asking about public arrests and it is doubtful we will see any of these arrests.  If any, there will be very few to see because we will be so busy with the greatness that rolls out that trusting Trump’s Administration.  President Trump may share about these arrests much later on, but for now, these chess moves from President Trump and Q Team are proof that justice has been served.

Tomorrow we start the 8 weeks of extraordinary events according to President Trump!!

Speaking about Tuesday,

Judy Shelton nomination.

Senate Stimulus vote and Trump insists on Income Tax cuts

Charlie Ward said that Tuesday the QFS (Quantum Financial System) will be operational……

Transcript here:—time-for-people-to-go-to-jail