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Gold broke $2000 – Banks are freaking out! Butterfly effect!

Aug. 4, 2020

A perfect example of the dam breaking is the price of Gold and Silver….Gold broke $2000 today and Silver is over $26/oz today.  How important is this?  This helps break up the Big Banks!  If you have your stash stored somewhere in the bank, remember, the banks are not your friends.

What does this mean…Banks are now getting their version of their own margin calls.  Conceptually, that is how I describe it!  The Big Banks have Gold futures contracts to fulfill and they cannot fill them!  Charlie Ward, Chris P (our UK Patriot) and I talk about this on the Charlie Ward show that will air by tomorrow.  (No Spoilers because it’s really good).

The banks are running around like rats, not knowing where to go to fulfill these contracts.  Remember, these Big Banks donated to “her” campaign and they thought she would never lose.  But when she did lose…so did the Big Banks!

I imagine the banks are rifling through what they can find in their own vault to fulfill these contracts.  Some contract holders may end up with the lousy currency instead of Gold.  A fiat Currency today is worth less tomorrow than a Gold Oz today.  Does this make sense?

Gold keeps going up.  Holding onto to 1 oz of Gold is worth much more.  Think about it, Gold is up over 2% today.  Silver is up 6% today.  A fiat Dollar couldn’t do that in years combined!

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