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Quantum Financial Systems Tests = Fiat Crash! Oval Office Gold!

Aug.5, 2020

I heard the GCR started yesterday…..and it’s a slow roll out.

Global Currency Reset is ON!!!   Gold broke $2050 / oz today and Silver hit $27 /oz!!!

The Quantum Financial System is going through beta tests.  There are 2 parallel systems in place the QFS and Fiat.  Before one could unplug the Fiat system, the QFS must be running properly.

This is why there are random debts that are removed.  Please be patient, because the fiat system will be completely drained by paying off debts (not personal loans), it will collapse and their power gone.

The gold backed new system will replace it and we will see new random reports of deposits in the new system accounts before the final switch is pulled.  So when we see these random debts being removed, it is going through the beta test stages.

This is a huge endeavor and this is why President Trump needed the 8 weeks, to work out all the kinks.  Remember, we previously reported via articles and Trump Tweets that October is the time frame the the Gold backed currency is in place.  This cannot be rushed.

So what is happening with the IRS?  Are they almost poof…gone?

President Trump continues to emphasize he is considering signing an Executive Order to suspend payroll income tax and suspends evictions.  And he has the authority to do that.

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