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Saving Israel for Last! GESARA and Greatness

Sept.15, 2020

This is a historical moment in our life time!  President Trump got three nations to come together to sign a peace agreement and Abraham Accord.  This is another sign that Peace is primary on President Trump’s agenda.  In this article, it describes the Abraham Accord.

The people and businesses of these nations must be celebrating for now they have benefits to forge ahead into prosperity.  In America, we have already benefitted with advanced technologies, yet there is still more to come through NESARA.

Opening these flood gates expands the way the Middle East can now operate.  They have other countries to work and share information and technology.

Most of all, the people of these nations do not have to worry about unexpected bombings due to past leadership’s agenda to incite violence and power.   Remember Q mentions that they are Saving Israel for Last.

President Trump’s role expands beyond a Presidential one for the United States.  He is now working with world leaders to implement GESARA and Greatness throughout the world.

The QFS plan is outlined in this document.

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