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Antoine: activating the law of customs tariff middle of next month

Said economic expert on behalf of Antoine, Saturday that the activation of the customs tariff law the middle of next month to protect the consumer, while stressing the importance of activating the role of the state industrial projects and private sector projects will contribute to raising the Iraqi economy.

Said Antoine L / scales News /, that “calls for the development of the industrial sector for the purpose of dispensing with foreign imports and the formation of labor and the provision of local goods in the markets serve Iraq’s economy and the private sector”, stressing that it “needs to be legislation and laws, including the activation of customs tariff law.”

He added that “the middle of next month, there will be enabled to customs tariff law to protect the consumer,” noting that “there are those who try to block the activation of local industry and are taking advantage of the delay of the new changes and development of the country’s process.”

And called on the government to “expedite the rebuilding local industry and the granting of loans to the private all kinds for the sector to move up important level and provides jobs for the unemployed,” adding that “local industries significantly contribute to the lifting of Iraq’s economy, especially as the activation of the role of the industrial state and the private sector projects the economy will grow more than 15 % GDP of the industrial sector.”

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