Scott Mowry Miracles Call Sunday Night

  In Scott Mowry 

This transcript of Sundays call might not have all intel that was on the on the show, please refer to the recording for further intel

When the safelink website is released you will be signing an NDA online to set up your appointment,  do not share this number that you receive,  this number will be only for you

Signing NDA is very important, do not violate

We know it’s been a exasperating rollercoaster ride that we’ve been on, have faith, the Chinese Elders and military are still pushing this as hard as possible for this week.

October is going to be continue to get very hot expect some big drama and do not buy into anything that the mass media tells you or might put out, stay calm,  military is taking it up a notch and things are going to get crazy.

We have a possible timeline which already started on October 15th,  we have paperwork that shows the Cabal which is the Federal Reserve / IRS etc is no longer under their control,  they went completely bankrupt which means they have no access to any funds except for what they might have personally stashed,  this allowed an open door to happen for the Global Currency Reset

Sunday October 17th Tesla aka Starlink free energy connected to the US power grid system plus the new rates of all currency in the first basket appeared on the bank screens

October 22nd the president was too board Air Force 1 and be taken to a safe secure location which allows the 209 countries to become gold back

Moscow also released a statement telling all of this citizens that between October 28th and November 7th all non essential businesses will be closed

We are being told and it has been predicted that November 1st the stock market will trash

November 5th we will flip back to the Julian calendar

November 9th will become early Christmas

November 11th we will have world United day

November 24th it is rumored to be our new election day

There’s also some talk that October 28th Hillary Clinton will be arrested

Remember to have a plan or a project for your Zimbabwe Bonds otherwise you will be leaving a lot of money on the table stock up and be prepared for anything this week

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