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Keynote: US Dollar becoming asset backed is TIMED with the rate change. Because the dinar is one of the assets backing the USD (THAT’S HUGE). Half of Iraq ‘s fiscal year start’s 10/1…US’s fiscal year starts 10/1…Iraq can only change their rate at the begging of a new fiscal period. That’s why the (White Paper) reforms are linked to a budget (require funding).  The HCL is a REFORM (oil payments to citizens) that requires budget funding.  Iraq ‘s current constitution only goes to article 139, they have to amend the constitution and add both HCL & ARTICLE 140 to it.  Both 140 & HCL have been approved since 2005 and cant be implemented until the rate changes.  Those are some of the WHITE PAPER REFORMS waiting on the rate change budget approval for the 2nd half of their year… If Iraq doesn’t Change their rate in September, then were waiting until March of next year.