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Al-Zarfi challenges the Shiite forces and requests an appointment for the confidence session

Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi said on Friday that he will present his government program to parliament tomorrow, Saturday, with a request to set the date for the session to give confidence to his government.

This move constitutes a challenge on the part of Al-Zrafi for prominent Shiite forces, headed by the Al-Fatah coalition led by Hadi al-Amiri and the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, who rejects his candidacy and is looking for an alternative.

“I was charged with forming the government constitutionally, and my consultations are continuing until the cabinet is completed and presented to parliament,” Al-Zorfi said in a statement to his office, reported to Shafaq News.

He added, “Tomorrow, God willing, I will present the government program with an official request to the Speaker of Parliament, to hold a session of obtaining confidence.”

Al-Zorfi indicated that he would form a “national government that derives its legitimacy from the Iraqi parliament after consulting with the parliamentary blocs.”

And he added, “My government will work on three important axes: firstly, the balance of international relations for a strong and moderate Iraq … secondly, to find solutions to the financial crisis … and thirdly, to impose state prestige and the rule of law.”

Al-Zrafi challenged the opponents of his mandate by saying, “I will never apologize for completing my mission of forming a government, nor will I betray the constitutionality of the mandate and everyone who supported me and stood with me from the societal and political forces.”

He pointed out that “the choice remains for members of Parliament and national political blocs to give me confidence in order to march in the implementation of the government program or not.”

On March 16th, the President of the Republic tasked Barham Salih, the head of the parliamentary victory bloc, Adnan al-Zarfi, to form the new government within 30 days.

For his part, a source in the victory coalition for Shafak News said that the government program for al-Zrafi includes setting a date for early elections.

The new government will succeed Adel Abdel Mahdi’s government, which was forced by unprecedented popular protests to resign in early December 2019. Source