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Saleh: Al-Kazemi has the approval of all the major political forces in Iraq

President of the Republic Barham Ahmed Saleh confirmed on Thursday that the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi has the support of the main political forces in the country.

Saleh said in a televised speech today, “The past period was a difficult period in the history of Iraq, we lived, coexisted, and dealt with. We faced the mass popular protests that were calling for reforms and correcting the path in our country, and many and many political matters took place in this country and in the heart of the Middle East there was a transfer of power and resignation The government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi and other people were assigned dear brothers within known constitutional contexts and the parties, regardless of the debates and discussions, committed to these procedures.

And he added, “This is an important achievement and an important appreciation. I am not justifying that we have wasted a long time, and the Iraqi people are waiting for us many and many. I apologize for assigning him to form the government and send us an official message in this regard, and today I want to thank Brother Al-Zarfi for his commitment and appreciation for the national interest and his courageous stances in these circumstances.

Saleh added that “today we are in the process of assigning Mustafa Al-Kazemi to form the new government in Iraq, and Al-Kazemi is a militant, educated figure who is known for his integrity and known for moderation and known for his concern for the general rights of Iraqis.”

He added, “This is a great responsibility that will be assigned to Al-Kazemi. We wish him all the best in this endeavor, but I also want to stand on an important fact. The last period was accompanied by controversies and sharp differences between us and the political parties.”

Saleh continued, “Today, with the efforts of the sincere, the main political forces agreed, and national and social forces agreed to choose Brother Mustafa Al-Kazemi for this position. The fact that it is a witnessed day that we have passed a stage that was difficult for all of us and the political system was subject to constant skepticism and questioning. I do not want to go into details, but the lesson is in what Event”.

And the President of the Republic concluded his speech by saying, “God was in the help of Brother Mustafa Al-Kazemi, a difficult task. Everyone here will no doubt be helping you and you will be a help to this country. It is also working to remedy the consequences of this serious health crisis that afflicts our country, as well as the financial and economic repercussions of this situation. Source